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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Could any one become an Asian Runway Model?
It depends on what type of modelling you want to get into and the style that suits you best.
Do you have a height restriction?
We don't actually have a height restriction as such in the Asian industry. But we expect you to be in proportion with your height and weight.
Will I be guaranteed work?
Agencies cannot guarantee you work as this is down to the client's requirements. However Asian Runway will not take anyone on to their books unless they know there is potential.
Do I need a professional portfolio
Yes! It is important for you to build up your portfolio, as clients like to see versatility and potential. So the better your portfolio the better chances you have.
Do I have to pay for a portfolio?
Every model requires a portfolio and studios will charge, however we can advise you and guide you as to whether this is a career path for you before you invest in photo shoots. designer replica handbags
How soon can I get work after registration?
This again is up to you and depends on your experience and whether the client is looking for some one with your look.
How am I expected to behave when I meet a client?
You must remain professional and be smartly dressed as if you are attending a job interview. Always be courteous and respectful and don't forget to smile.